Specialized in rice production
Société Agricole de la Vallée d'Artibonite, agricultural company producing rice
4 rue de Lyon, 75012 Paris 12
Specialized in rice production

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Created in 2021, Société Agricole de la Vallée de l'Artibonite (SAVA) is helping to revive the rice-growing sector in Haiti. Its aim is to produce quality cereals (rice, corn) in the lower Artibonite region. It contributes to the rehabilitation of the entire agricultural sector and to the development of the rural world. The Artibonite is an agricultural area crossed by major rivers such as the Artibonite, Sale Floodray and Estère. The area also enjoys more favorable rainfall than other departments.

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Historically, the Artibonite was the country's food-producing region, producing rice, sorghum, corn, sugarcane and cocoa. Since the end of the 1980s, however, agricultural production has been declining, and not just for these commodities. This decline has led to a significant drop in the availability of foodstuffs, and has plunged the country into a vicious circle of food insecurity and the abandonment of agriculture as an economic activity.

Rice production

Through integrated agriculture, our farmers combine archaic practices with the latest precision farming methods. They limit the use of pesticides and use manual weeding instead of herbicides, considered too aggressive for soils already weakened by erosion. 

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